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Temporary Imports, Securities and Carnets - Australia

ASR Logistics takes care of all the formalities for your temporary imports. Get in touch with us today.

Our goal is to provide customers fast, efficient and affordable logistics concerning their imports and exports around the world.

Temporary Importations

Temporary import is a common term for goods which are to be on Australian soil for a short time before being exported. ASR Logistics makes all the necessary arrangements including procedures and costs for the temporary transit of your cargo.

Although your goods will be inspected and scrutinised, we ensure it is not damaged and submit the necessary paperwork for customs clearance.

Making all the necessary arrangements for your ATA certificates

Temporary Imports, Securities and Carnets  Victoria
Temporary Imports, Securities and Carnets Melbourne

Temporary Admission Carnet

An ATA or Temporary Admission Carnet is an international certificate that allows for goods and/ or cargo to be kept for a short period. It provides the Australian Customs and Border Protection Service with a guarantee of customs and tax payments if the goods are not exported. ARS Logistics applies for an ATA and produces all the necessary paperwork to protect your merchandise from being barred entry into any country. Contact us today.

Protecting your cargo from all the rules and regulations

We Assist You With:

  • Excavator import and export
  • Heavy trucks import and export
  • Yacht import and export
  • Boat import and export

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